Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sonoma Arts 10

Taking Part in the Arts Sonoma 10 festival, a innovative site specific festival held over several cities in the Sonoma county in California.

I'm in Petaluma roving of an evening downtown between the 6th and 12th.
Half way through the gig.
Downtown consists of a couple of blocks with lots of old architecture that was unique in surviving the great earthquake of ..mumble mumble.

I'm looking at very sparse pedestrian traffic and so have taken to roving, peering into restaurants and bars, playing with traffic, dancing to street music where I find it.
I like being an arbitrary surreal presence in an otherwise normal setting.

It was slower earlier in the week but the flow seems to be slowly building and now I have some extra potential venues for the coming weekend I'm looking at crashing preset crowds as well as the evening streetwork.

Last nights work involved passing by a crowd waiting for a Smashing Pumpkins show and also I terrified [ie big scream] a boy in his judo costume after class.
I'm recording a lot of my work with my minature high definition camera that's stuck on my head. Last nights screamer should be amusing footage.
My wee notebook cannot cope with the size of the high definition files so I'll have to wait til I visit Eric Amber in LA to edit the footage.

Later on I'll have to find a second hand powerbook to be able to edit the footage myself which will be optimum. So if anyones upgrading their powerbook I'm in the market for the old one.

The administrators have bent over backwards to help. I had a stilt break in NY at a photoshoot and after arriving here in Petaluma 3 days and 3000+ miles later I was shown a boutique wood place and bought myself a plank of white oak and helped in cutting it down to size to repair my stilt. It's been holding up well.

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seanmh said...

heheh -- terrifying martial arts kids -- always funny.