Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another, very deft NZ clown. [In it's broader sense]

I've known and seen the Wizard of Christchurch, now NZ, beginning almost 30 years ago.

He's a very astute and calculated performer, he expouses his own counterculture while embracing a formulated misogynist position while also proclaiming the overall advantage of the rigid sexist and classicist Victorian social era.
He performs outside the cities central Church of England Cathedral.

Here is his website. He has his own army that goes to battle against allcomers.
He does raindances with a 100% success rate [so far]

His website is interesting, heres his mission statement with a jump to his site afterwards.

I am pioneering the use of the Internet as a postmodern, conceptual, art form. It began twenty-five years ago when I designed an aesthetic universe which includes modern physical cosmology as a special case of my own.

My cosmology is not just a material phenomenon, but includes me as an existing cultural being acting out the role of an independent wizard-creator-of-reality. The "cultural engineering" required reached an important stage in 1990 when the Prime Minister appointed me official Wizard of New Zealand.

It is ultimately a subjective and interactive "meta-narrative". It is like a modern role-playing game except that it does not take place in segregated playtime in a segregated play-space but in real historical time and space.

The art work is "in process" and would only be completed should I ascend/levitate out of my own creation or should a more powerful wizard be able to include my cosmology, including my place in it, as a special case of his or her own. I also assume that my art work would self destruct should I die, undergo a religious conversion, or fall under the benevolent or malevolent emotional "spell" of a woman.

The art work is global and all inclusive through my web-site in the world wide web together with e-mail interaction. It is an English art work, not only because English is the language of the net and language is a major determinant of conceptualisation, but because I accept the fact that I am an historical being embedded in that particular culture and not an objective, superhuman observer.

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