Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cheerfully enraged.

I checked back on facebook after months and was struck by insipid political mewling, as if whining on facebook validates opinions you magpied off your TV.

 I just wanted to lance that precious boil that is the idea that status updates reveal anything. 

Pithy hollow death of an empire bollocks. 

Cancerous intellectual saccharine where suburbanites get to pretend they are not  domesticated Anorexic political kittens and play alleycat from their cushy chairs or coffee shops, projecting their powerlessness to control even their own lives by sublimitive outrage.

   I don't let it infect me often, facebook is a surreal cacophony of meaningless twaddle even to the people who write in it. 

An ego gratifying global circlejerk morrisdance of braindeath.


Butterfly Man said...

and Twitter is???

Trog said...

Cancerous blather.
I quit watching TV quite awhile ago.
You focus on the wrong boil.

Martin Ewen said...

Twitter has for me the advantage of being abbreviated by definition. Whatever point being made is attempted in a couple of sentences and it's other role, of being a signpost for the committed reader who uses it like a lazy rss feeder, well that seems to suit some. I don't use it that way but I get a share of clickthroughs with it.

I dropped facebook for over a year and now am dipping in again. mostly because it reminds me of a world where everyone's mindlessly self absorbed and self important but also because there's a lot of good old friends there. *sigh*

I focus on all the boils! I have a boil for a third eye.