Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Facebook is hardly the compulsory unit of social bedrock it's made out to be. I'm waiting for it to overextend and do a myspace. It's held together by the tenuous positive reinforcement of people led to believe their facile minutiae has an audience. Personally that's it's only use for me. It's pretty seductive. The subtext is that Govt, after ten years of whittling privacy rights to the bone in the name of TERROR, now presumes a population so compliant that a request to know all they say and to who online is unremarkable. If what you have to communicate is important and not merely a sunset or a kitten or some superimposed platitude then perhaps consider email or the phone. Facebook is a paltry simulator of self actualization, without it a great many peoples vacuous existences would become all too self evident so worry not, an alternative will arrive.

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Martin Ewen said...

I don't know...maybe I've always been a 'Bite the hand that feeds me' kinda guy. Even my own hand sometimes.