Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I give away music/art/performance because...

 "I give away music because I want to make music, and I can't make music unless I make money, and I won't make any money unless I get heard, and I won't get heard unless I give away music."

What do I have to give away today? mmmm, as yet unfinished...

"He's essentially cease to be, he's been sucked into a portal.

 Milinia from now it will be remembered that Robert Nelson changed the course of history. He has sent a full measure of machinations forth that will multiply as designed. An almost infinite array of causal dominos, the origins of which, were instances of accumulative commonality in which Robert socially engineered the future. A ricocheting seductive neer-do -well who fulfilled the worlds most critical function, he kept himself amused. All those juggling props sent to Ethiopia, used to club tourists and rob them, none of this is random.
Robert Nelson was one of my favorite people in this sector of the universe, irrasible, cheerfully malevolent, he knew he was an asshole and did his best to make that palatable to the world at large. He succeeded magnificently at this. The world was seduced by the asshole he fashioned from the raw materials at hand. 

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