Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inexorable wigglewagglosity!

What do I love about this cover?

It's got that 'we're not here to make money, we're here to party' brass section.

It's got that polynesian funk thang lightly salting the mix.

It's got everyday Auckland unpretentious cross section dancing.

It's got that NZ, 'we'll take it and make it about celebrating ourselves' vibe.

It's got a 'kids aren't the end of your hip shaking social life' aspect.
It's got "In the know, tip of the hat", Supergroove' callbacks.

It's got subtle little editing gems, [Love the cut to pigeon walking]

It's got "Damned if I haven't just played it twice in a row I'm going to play it again!" addictive appeal.

It's got, "In on the ground floor -- colour me hipster", early youtube hitcount cred.
It's got, "marinate me in chipper" antidepressant qualities.

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