Monday, April 14, 2014

Busking-youtube, a case study

This is an interesting developing story, [sorry the music recording quality's not that good ]

This guy's being playing in Brighton for years, he rocks. A local guitar bigwig came across him, filmed him playing, put it on youtube and it got a squidillion hit's.

So the bigwig went back and gave this busker about 80-100 quid which was what the hit's on his blog had generated.

Filmed that, put it on youtube, rinse -repeat.

Then took Andrew Niel [the busker] back to his place and gave him a choice of about 6 guitars to try out and have one as a gift, filmed-youtube, rinse repeat.

Then set him up with his own youtube channel and he's just starting out on the busking-youtube adventure. He doesn't have huge numbers but he's attracting heavy hitters, Muddy Waters has subscribed.

I hope it goes well for him. As you can see he's just giving his camera to people to film him at this early stage and his helper stuck a finger over the mike at some points but it's early days.

check out his channel.

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