Sunday, July 27, 2014

Social injustice causes depression too.

The western worlds stage managed death march masquerading as heartfelt pantomime is maintained by advertising and marketing, etherial spells have been cast this last century in which ‘charisma’ was first amplified and projected conceptually across media to initially the worlds first mass market and then transubstantiated onto inanimate objects and politicians. This theatre is a mind numbing veneer that is the most advanced collective hypnotic state ever attempted and realized. A diversionary post natal full spectrum mental cocoon.

A credit to us all.

Subterranean-ality will always be arguable in cultural or sociological matters.

What lies beneath is debated in times of flux and it’s been a while, the Hindenburg trials and the International Military Tribunal for the Far East were the last time our current civilization held court in any sort of hard core moral broadcast. That’s the subtext of show trials after all.

I would argue it’s hardly subterranean to compile public information enough to conclude that the last centuries major profitable industries are irrefutably those connected with blowing shit and people up and doing shitty repairs afterwards. Those are the heavy industries, the light industries being variants of banking warlockery in which financial instruments are manifest via competitive cynicism and thrown like grenades, each over insured against damage, out into society.

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