Monday, December 29, 2014

This is just recreation, I'm old enough to only really be interested in Geological time....

10 hour day, get online...unwind. A reply online to no-body in particular "So despite the country being technically bankrupt for over a decade, despite automation rendering the less educated unemployable while that increased up the chain. Despite new laws that make it illegal to tell anyone if your govt is doing anything illegal, despite foods being concentrated into a corn syrup love-fest and food itself today being a chemical abomination a couple of laboratories removed [for our own good] from it's original state. Despite the very new and now accepted concept of 'Pre-emptive war' that one Global superpower invented and instigated successfully. [As a voter are you proud?-or possibly merely less scared you poor thing] Despite as an aftermath of perpetual war as state business model your own local police get given play-tanks and politics of the individual, never contemplated by the middle class while it existed, now rendered into a no-win choreography combined with a surveillance state that would excite Goebbels so much his brain would literally pass through his body and exit via his penis. Thankfully the NSA is stronger than that and still lives. ..and you want me to be radiant because your shell of a drugged and culturally bombarded excuse for a country overcomes it's previous blatant and systemic racism for a nanosecond and parades some half black dude to make it all worth while, as the dysfunction accelerates?"

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