Monday, March 20, 2017

one sixth of a three act play...

...Curtains open, the stage is bare except for a secured pole with a chair propped against it facing the audience, the lighting tone is dim.

Two Clowns enter from stage right with Lurk prone on a plank between them.
[this is a sneaky Antony Livingspace homage]

These two Clowns are minions and have a vague corporate whiff about their costume.

Their transport of Lurk is measured, sardonically dignified however as the front Clown gets to the pole the back Clown stumbles and Lurks legs fall and his body follows mitigated by the front Clown who deposits  the body gently at his end next to the pole and at a 45 degree angle to it.

The back Clown runs in circles hysterically as head Clown chills and calms him/her down.
Shimmiesd up the pole, takes the top off a test tube and blows a cloud of powder into a spot-lit space above Lurk before sliding down quickly and both Clowns leaving as the focus is left on the descending powder that eventually arrives and awakens the Clown..

Lurk stirs, pulls himself up onto the chair, then casually crosses legs, then elevates and investigates the pole playfully.audience unacknowledged, everything internal….

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