Monday, January 22, 2018

Street Performers common ancestor is the archetypical hero

In everyones eyes, whether conscious or not, walking a city street is it’s own mythic landscape, thousands, millions of minds moving as if a soup, chaos flavoured yet orderly.
Enter a street performer of quality, one reason it works so deeply is that the archetypical hero story is inherant to our species, deep in every culture, another being the celebration of lifes purpose which is to reconcile mortality and belligerence and dance between them til the end. That’s the subtext whether the performers or audience are aware.
An archetypical hero "Who's eyes are open and who's speech is true and who faces both the chaos of the unknown and the tyranny of the known and balances them...meta solution to the meta problem."

Ta DA!

"Keep going!" "Don't give up!" "Laughter's a thing!" "Generosity is it's own reward.!!"

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