Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pith 3, repository for meta-tags and pith book chaptering exercise

Time is a form of lateral gravity, you're born, you fly sideways, you hit the ground and are buried. #science

Blue man group is just the Wiggles for grownups. “Performance shade

Alkalines of our DNA follow regular grammar and have set rules just like our languages-Human languages are a reflection of our inherent DNAThis could explain why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. #science

Tourists just need structure, otherwise they are merely displaced persons with defensive disposable incomes. #Audience

South african accents sound like they were mad at you but have forgiven you but are still just a bit angry. #accents

I like the dramatically monstrous people, they are my tribe. The placid tidy folk, they are probably OK too, but how would you know? OMG I think dressing-gown woman is stalking me, she has walked twice past my table pretending to be on the phone, not talking, the tracksuit is yellow and black stripes. The hair is 'ignored barbie left in rain' This woman is absively casual , that shows depth of character, I don't care if it's eyeball searingly passive aggressive, This woman knows life is a circus #airport

.Knee high boots are not for the meek, and yet here she is, h hold on, she's filing her nails. Is that code? How did she get through customs? She has a baby too, in a shrouded pram. Is it a baby under there? or is it a decade's worth of nail clippings. I must keep observing this one.#airport

If you have to wear jeans with the belt just short of your armpits in an attempt to suggest you do in fact possess buttocks then might I suggest perhaps you go that one bit extra and cut holes in the pockets for your arms, thus morphing from scary to interesting. #airport

OK there's a guy with his wife she is very thin and the kindest thing I can say about him is that he is not. He is wearing suspenders which may be a cunning ruse not to have a belt to take off in security but his strangled gonads are the terrorists in this situation. They are really really visible and being an empathetic guy his violently cleft testicles produce the same sympathy as an orphaned tragic kitten . Must.. not.. stroke.. strangers..#airport

I am in transit, I'm the sort of person who leaves Hawaii for holidays. There's a man with a cowboy hat and goatee and a studded belt just passing but I suspect his world weary expression is plastic. I should just describe people as they pass...I'll do that #airport

Fun fact: If you put your ear next to a woman's leg you can actually hear her say what the fuck are you doing? #strange

I would just like to take this opportunity to proclaim that the pretentiousness inherent in being both a clown and a philosopher is very real and perhaps my best work. #clown

if it doesn't have a price tag on it how can it be art? If it isn't commoditized how can it be American? You are not citizens, you are consumers. Anything that distracts from consumption is basically communist and dangerously radical. You laugh, you pay, in fact no, if you want to laugh you have to pay first. And if you want to express yourself then it is mandatory that you find someone to pay you to do it. Please don't attempt to embellish the human condition willy nilly. It disrupts the sandblasted chutes that transport you soaking up advertising as you're processed from one retail outlet to the next. Any idea that you are anything other than a distracted drone ricocheting from one hollow conditioned minor anxiety relief at a point of purchase to another is subversive, antisocial and a 19th century or even worse 'European' anachronism. These pitiful attempts at self expression will be punished in the usual educational way, they will be turned into revenue streams to further condition… #publiccommons

The universe is straining to contain the amount of gazooks I feel! #strange

Eagles may soar, but chickens don't get sucked into jet engines. #strange

“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light, but making the darkness conscious.”
— Carl Gustav Jung #deep #science

Gelotophiles are persons that actively seek and establish situations in which others may laugh at them. ... They do not feel embarrassed when sharing embarrassing things that happened to them for making others laugh at them. #deep #definitions #words #science


my fortune cookie said " Your leg will fall off, you will notice a strange growth appear in your armpit and gums, your libido will send ransom notes from a rancid backpackers in ashburton, your ambitions will don smeared lipstick and mug hideously in your direction and one eyeball will rotate into your skull and never look at the outside world again.... But never give up, life is beautiful"
......or that might have been a Steve Jobs quote, I can't remember. #strange

Five tenets of injustice are-: elitism is efficient, exclusion is necessary, prejudice is natural, greed is good and despair is inevitable. #deep

What the future portends is more and more information. There won’t be anything we won’t know. But there will be no one thinking about it.#deep

So this kid, the omega of three, always the case, leers,
"What would happen If I pushed you over?
I kept walking and over my shoulder said, "You'd need dental work.”#observation

A NZ Clown Export, Martin Ewen has spent a bewildering 30 year program of pancultural clown research in social aggression as it purtains to pantomimes and public places #pr

Bad days are bad, good days are simply not bad, but really good days are simply good days. #observation

Sometimes when people tell me that when one door closes another door opens, I want to slam the original closing door on their foot. #Observation

A clown is a subversive individual who either salves your wounds or further opens them to show that they are not life threatening but part of you.A clown manages reality with almost total freedom and exists to impart those freedoms.A clown uses what is probable to show us what's possible. #clown

Every valuable lesson I ever learnt involved SERIOUS HEAD INJURY. #strange

Sometimes I feel like the worlds’ outpatient. #strange


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