Thursday, March 10, 2011

Facebook and twitter as realtime expressions of sociology. Their designed purpose.

I've been in the very upper floors of a skyscraper in shanghai looking at the teeming system below wondering if any one brain can encompass the merely systematic complexity required to operate this on a civic functional level.

And I've studied psychology enough to see recognized within each individual subconscious intranets overseen by a brittle tinpot dictator of an ego with the layers only visible to an observer and the complexity of that.

And then this.

The world, our collective human experience as it is manifest in modern terms,representable in real time as a self referencing neural network

It's a challenge to perceive individual and collective consciousness to this degree and remain tethered.

Fun huh?

I'd love to discuss this. No one is passive in this context so I wish you as a reader, and I know there are at least thirty of you. Would interact


Martin Ewen said...

Facebook and twitter are the largest nodes of human communication. Apply this overviewing subtextual linguistic diagnostic technology and you are in the realm of the worlds subconscious being manifest.

Sam Dwyer said...

martin I love the link you make here between the ted talk and facebook/twitter.