Monday, March 21, 2011

It's ideal! The less hard I try the weirder it gets!

Well there's been a bit of a development

Chengdu Sakura festival in China. Leaving this sat morning, away three weeks, working for two.
Cast of only 8 clowns. Dado is one, Mitch or jonathan freddes is another. The others I may or may not know but those two are good enough for me. Mitch is ancient in clown terms, late fifties early sixties and still physical, very physical with his act. He's an old school ringing headliner and a wise man to boot and his stories are just the caviar of our lifestyle and all true. Honestly he doesn't need to make stuff up. One of his classics ends with "... And that's how we caught the camelfucker."

And Dado is Canadian but has a European styled clown that is a childish hunchback.

And so my journey continues.

Woah.. Google 'The Sanxingdui (Three-Star Piles) Museum '

And select images. The building itself is amazing as are the contents.

I will be using my stiltcam and posting footage online from either inside China or shortly afterwards.

We have a beautiful stage and everythings set around a lake and the city was founded in 310 bc and is where the panda raising institute is and there is also an impressive looking artifact museum in the city that I want to get to.

All for the moment. The deposit from the gig should buy me a new notebook or laptop before I leave so that's just ideal for my purposes as well.

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Martin Ewen said...

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