Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the sanctity of the single tear.

This is going the rounds this video, it is of the utmost importance you play it on fullscreen.

Perhaps it's the piano, an instrument seemingly designed to have the power to milk tear ducts however I know there's more to it.

Sometimes I'm overcome by things, sometimes my emotional world is overfilled and I leak out of my own cup. Sunsets for example remind me daily of lost love. I'm resigned to them now, I've toned those fuckers down to wistful sorrow and the pride in the callus I have grown that protects me.
It's transparent though, I can still see through to the wound but most of the infection has gone.
My pride is transparent also. It's only foundation my continued existence.

I used to watch sunsets and aim for a single tear. I thought that was a worthy passtime. Just a single tear that ran down my face as the thermo-nuclear orb ceased baking us for the day and slid into the sea.

What would happen would be that the first tear would be sliding down my face and the stoic poetry of the moment would be just right when a second would appear and define me as a weeper.
It was beyond my control, I felt like a bedwetter.
So I stopped doing it, I just glance at the sunsets now.

This video though, I watched and an upswell surged, it was magnificent and I was gifted with the consciousness to resonate within the incy-bincy teeny-weeny bipedal mammalian frame I inhabit.

It was being like a deer in the headlights of some vehicle larger than the imagination called universal indifference and in those moments where that singular tear slid down accepting it all.

and it's not even 8am and look what I've achieved!

A measure of peace.

And a single tear.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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