Monday, April 18, 2011

Well that was interesting......

It may take a little time to compile and publish my latest adventure however the fact that I'm penning this in the 6 hour stopover in Korea in the first internet moments out behind the Chinese firewall where no Twitter, no youtube and no exists, [without, you-know, prior sneaky secret tunneling preparations] is a pretty good indicator of the pace I intend to set.

And I've got heaps. I took stiltcam daily, that will take some editing and I have to purchase a computer larger than my notebook to do that but that will only take as long as it takes me to deposit some money and arrange the delivery.
Thanks to Dado I can share the 'I Love You' Project, where groups and single chinese are asked to look into the camera and say 'I ruve you' At one a day I've got a couple of weeks worth of that. Got a couple of hundred Chinese school kids involved in that as well as being sung happy birthday to by them all as well in both English and Chinese.

I have lots of images, I will do a super saturated 'the day we met the pandas' piece as well as my usual deconstructive character assassination pieces on all and sundry with names changed to cosmetically protect some bipeds similar to myself.

I did some more editing while away and will continue that now, [of my book] so I can catch up to my editor who is up to 'm' while I struggle with 'h' 'i' 'j'.

there will also be news of my heirloom tomatoes which I've been told have indeed been watered in my absence and have yet to ripen. [150 plants] I'm so proud they haven't ripened for anyone else. I admire their loyalty.

That's it for now. I may sleep all day tomorrow, or not. Right now I think I'll go get another coffee.

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