Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feelgood sundays: Keep swinging

I noticed when I was growing up, because NZ TV was two thirds English and one third American programming [before the western world became a lobotomized cultural colony with nano attention spans and carefully maintained perpetual insecurity with deodorant and pharmaceuticals offered as relief]

...That American comedy, Brady bunch, my three sons, even non comedies like Bonanza, all existed to frame moral lessons. Hijinks would draw to a close and an important lesson would be shared.

"Yes Timmy, now you know it was wrong to remove your sisters eyeball with a spoon to sell on the black market so you could afford a Farrah Fawcett poster to masturbate to in your room now don't you?"

"Yes mum"

Comic lame interjection from cute youngest daughter, missing the point entirely followed by good natured group laughter and credits.

All the American TV had these pious moral justifications for their existence. Like comedy had to have a point.

It made me think that Americans were retarded and took themselves way too seriously.

That comedy could not be justified by itself but had to be balanced, because it was in itself immoral, with morality.

I was seven, maybe I was retarded and took myself too seriously.

Anyway, things have changed and America is ironic now and I'm grateful for that.

I'm watching a lot of spoken word stuff and gleaning the same sort of  'must have a message' vibe.

I don't know, I like ambiguity myself, gives me something to think about rather than premasticated cartoon mental fodder.

I think the message below for me is "Keep swinging"

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