Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not so surprise ending

The Greeks and the Romans outsourced the genesis of their creativity with gratitude. Powers that could by definition not be understood or fully explained resided close by and artists were merely instrumental, their disciplines aided their function as resonators of the divine.

Sometimes, by no means always but with a frequency that, by the rareness of the effect was worth whole lifetimes spent in it’s pursuit.

Everything is metaphor. I’m aware we use language to explain sensations that are chemical and electrical combinations as we float through some universal ocean of vibrating energy.

Words in their own way make sense of this for us and concepts like ‘divine’ evolved to explain certain feelings, shared by all, where a moment holds all the realisation required for itself and the subterranean fear of how lost and alone we are is momentarily relinquished.

Chaos is celebrated in moments where it is focused in celebration, sex, dance, performance, art etc. Chaos is endured for the most part by it’s quantification into the minutiae that orbits reproduction and death.

I think I need to get laid.

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