Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kabuki meets Punch and Judy meets Disney the Nazi.

What I find hilarious is that the TPP got fast-track this week. Meaning it can't be abridged when it comes before the senate. A corporate rapist bill designed to sodomise all opposition to corporate profit. And the courts also decided this week that the torture report, containing scenes of rape of children since purged by the CIA, will never become public. Thus negating any opportunity for the public to have any say about torture in their name. But the big story this week was one lone convenient political pervert among many. The righteous juice flowed, not only huffing but also puffing transpired. Business as usual. I feel it used to have the dignity of Kabuki, political theatre, but now it's simply a punch and Judy show for indignancy junkies happy with the next cheap fix.


Oh and I can hear what your thinking [if you're like me.] "you are just a recursive whiner sucking of the indignancy teat at a level below the usual simply because you were afforded a classical education like all the other aspiring white middle class males of your generation who puff themselves up on their molehills and beat their chests between trips to Target." Tis true, tis true. However there's this... Good old Ireland, famous for exporting close to diabolically cheerful alcoholism throughout the world and famous also for breeding heavily and sending every runt into the priesthood to fiddle the books or children for voting overwhelmingly to let people of indiscriminate genders commit themselves into unions recognised by the state and the tax dept and divorce lawyers. I will overindulge in the alcoholic porridge you call stout and vomit into the nearest gutter just to proclaim my humility and your moral superiority... and because I need to rationalise my behaviour on a daily basis.

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