Saturday, April 21, 2018

I am the sum of my discontent

I am the sum of my discontent
I am the naive radiance of youth
a stockpile of redundant iron lungs
a squirrel looking startled to the sky
A bundled baby roaring
A train screeching to a halt
A collection of sperm tears and mucous
Odd tales, well worn cul-de sacs of conversation and a disquiet
my thoughts tend to zoom off at great velocity
making their way towards a dream of a destination
In the absence of any tangible
World weary yet curiously beguiling
I'm an all incompassist from way back
riding alone a white charger, tonto-less
A heart the size of all outdoors
master of all I purvey
limbfull and rudderless
Striding with a purposefulness that teeters on the rim of comedy
Its true about the world laughing with you
On occasion anyway
I am a humble potato
a man of stodgy ambitions
constantly asking
am I realised.

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