Monday, April 2, 2018

My Hawaiian walls contain drama and death

We had Stoats in NZ

We have Mongooses in Hawaii

The difference between Stoats and Mongooses is that Stoats are fundamentally rabid trotskyists whereas Mongooses are more meth and bath salts and trailer park influenced.
Nature is so diverse.
Mongooses were brought to Hawaii to counter the Rat population however due to their sleeping habits they rarely meet and when they do they often form circles and laugh at Victorian forms of land management.
Mongooses bond and often explore in pairs but if hubby gets totaled by a car those entrails aren't going to eat themselves.
Stoats were introduced to NZ, smuggled in hamper baskets by weak willed 19th century folk beguiled by the intense trotskyist stares of certain wanderlustful British Stoats of the time.
I think I have a Mongoose in my wall.
It just killed something else in my wall.
I heard the death squeak 
I guess a mouse

So Yay no mice.

Not scared, that Frank Zappa thing was Weasles.

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