Monday, January 31, 2011

How very sad but ultimately hopeful.

No picture today. Writing this from an itouch which is now my main Internet tool. Not because I want it to be but because unfortunately my bag with computer etc was crushed yesterday. The kindest and truest thing to say about it was that is was not really Anyones fault.

I got the first edit of my book back yesterday but now cannot do the selective stuff, the 'accept' or 'reject' functions on the first set of discretionary editing in what was to be a fairly simple 3 stage polishing after now the main constructive stuff and basic grammars been finished.

I was certified psychologically disabled last week. Believe me. That's an improvement. It will pay the rent at the half way house for shambling wrecks on the mend like myself for up to six months.

The editor, who is qualified at this, has told me that it is very good, perhaps even commercial publisher good but easily good enough to self publish and be proud of.

Pride would be an exceptional thing for one in my position.

I ended all relations with my nine year marriage yesterday. The pain and frustration had peaked. I am indeed broken however the situation with the ex s fuck buddy and the explicit admission of no commitment to a mutual future but the door still being open. We'll see. For now the humiliation is simply not helpful and there is thankfully after two years of separated hell (well one and a half but it feels like two) a limit reached of how catholic I can feel.

Sorry. Veered into reality show without entertainment value there for a bit.

Also sorry for misspellings but auto correct is on and I cannot see on this small screen what I am typing.

If anyone honestly thinks I'm worth investing in then email me about the price of a notebook
Just writing today to keep the immediate past at bay.

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