Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking ahead

Confirmed Dundas fest yesterday. Looking at Glastonbury in July as well as Canada day and Vancouvers carless day which is fathers day. Compiling a new idea for this years Sonoma site specific arts festival in sept oct as the finishing bookend of the season. Also Pennsylvania arts fest is in the mix and just applied to the seaport Buskers fest which is on the westcoast of the US in April and also port credit is on again and I'm looking to get a new batch of hickory for a stilt workshop in Toronto .

Half of these are confined or in final confirmation and half of them are still in development.
I find I spend a lot of time fretting and ruminating but when I do move I move quickly and can sew up months in a matter of days. It just remains to be seen as to whether these days are those.
I have tomatoes to fall back on.


Trog said...

If you come to Vancouver, please pop down to Bellingham. We're just across the border.

Trog said...

Or, the Bug and I could just meet you at Peace Arch Park in Blain. No border crossing involved.