Sunday, February 6, 2011

One day follows the next like a caravan.

Used a little anger to clear lots of brush. The sort of brush that completely covers the ground and contains many small things that cling to you, to make for others a horseshoe pitch. I banged in the spikes and put down some sand and it's stood there four days now unused. Something about leading a horse to water springs to mind. I just noticed that nobody here plays in any way and it's been my role in the past to initiate that sort of thing. I'm trying.

The next day my anger and sorrow were more pragmatic. I cleared out around thirty rain filled tyres that were lounging around discarded and ugly and moved them to a considered place where I stacked them interlockingly to form a three sided enclosure and then collected masses of weeding I'd done prior to start a compost station. I wet it all down and still have more to collect and add and hopefully I can produce soil for an idea I have regarding using the thousand or so discarded stacked plastic pots to fashion some vertical gardening modules for potential sale down the line.

My tomatoes are seeming to have a new energy. I have over a hundred. Russian purple ones and Bulgarian purple ones and orange ones and German cherry and pineapple and irac ones and all in all eleven species that have not been grown in Hawaii before are now post seedling, sprouting adult leaves and first branches. Many have tried befor me and foriegn tomatoes tend to get bugs and mildew but I've researched and think leem oil should be enough to keep the mites the aphids and the mildew at bay.

Yesterday I worked for the first time in months for money. I helped waterblast and clean the exterior of a house. I made 60 dollars.

Half of what I earn goes to my ex. That's my rule. I owe her money and it's very important to me she gets it at some sacrifice to me. Fairs fair. Without being ridiculous about it. There were times I'd give her it all so I could suffer my due. No more. While 50 percent is steep it's honorable and that's what I'm seeking.

Also had a stranger, someone who has only known of me online, donate 50 into my paypal two days ago. He was simply being encouraging. It will take a few days before it does that dance between paypal and my bank and then me however it may actually be the key to keeping my . Mac account which will terminate on the 12 th along with 10 years email history if I don't get them their hundred dollar Mac- tax. It's ok in that I will switch to my gmail account and maybe that's for the best.

The above is not a plea

Regarding today. Well I had no intention of writing and posting this and now I have. I shall next try to eat and then collect more stuff for composting. I'm a soil farmer and it's early days.

Also because of the size of my screen I have no way to edit what I write and this itouch selects words for me when I misspell things and I cannot actually see what I'm writing so those words that simply throw the sentence off and make no contextual sence. I'm sorry. I'll leave a comment and list the corrections after I've posted this and can finally read what I've written.
Fun huh?

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