Friday, May 20, 2011

Street to internet to 11 million hits.

So you're walking about on a sunny day in the weekend in Fremantle, the Port of Perth Australia and as is usual there are various creative tinkerers plying their trades on the sidewalk. Here's one guy playing a 12 string and the atmosphere round him is palpable as others have stopped to listen and are being transported elsewhere while listening.

So you stop yourself and watch but watching fades to listening and then listening becomes all for an undefined period and you fight it with part of your mind because this after all is just some busker and this is just part of your afternoon on a sunny day in the weekend but you cannot move on until it's over and when it is and the musician looks up and smiles at his job well done you are once again back where you are, yet it seems that undefined period you went to a far away place and have just returned. You might drop him a coin, you might not but part of you has changed forever and that's the power of being open on the street.

Now translated to the internet and this same piece by the same person gets eleven million viewers.

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