Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trust in the process.

This will be the frontpage of the website, the links will be the windows and the doors.
The sky will be some superimposed visual feature.

The idea behind this is still vague, I'm still waiting to see how much scale I want to have in the idea.
It is to have an arts collective online squat [you know what a squat is?]
An old repurposed magnificent wreck of a place that has been digitally refurbished within. Each window leading to one representation of a place, an interior but not necessarily so, that an artist/performer had as their own front page of sorts, that led in it's links that were, like the front page represented by objects, to examples their various creative things.

[I have been to this place. It's an abandoned girls college near Millbrook in NY state which is within 30 miles of where I lived in Connecticut for 6 years.]

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