Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This mornings bilious correspondence.

I detest corporate middle management peons with a deep molten fury. They are the type of servile clinging leeches who's lives, revolving around banal politics, blind them to the transparent almost radiant fact of their utter superfluousness. They are essentially binary switches with delusions of grandeur convinced that being given decisions to make, preordained by constrictions and dictates allocated from above, actually justify their inflated wages and ghoulishly hollow lives. They remind me of some falsely beaming, neatly turned out 10 year old teachers pet in the making holding a door open with all their obsequious worth, unaware the door is automatic, before smugly returning to sit and giving the class that look that conveys their own sense of gargantuan self worth and superiority.

I dearly wish I could convey to whatever dickwad is involved in this inconsequential piece of fluff that concerns me personally that their inability to be decisive within a timeframe given does not in fact bode well for them within the brittle confines of what they tragically define as their career. The very fact that they lean towards intoxication with the minuscule authority they have been given to the degree that they paralyze themselves and render themselves inert and dysfunctional is as obvious to those who are monitoring them as it is to those beneath them and in fact the only singular person not jaundiced by their pointlessness are themselves.

As far as I'm concerned they have until the end of business today to fulfill their function after which time association with their odious insipid gratuitous seepage in this process makes the process itself for me unbearable. I simply lack the sympathy required.

[in related news I secured the job and feel much better now, I did make the recipient, who was not the subject of my diatribe "Uncomfortable" and I apologised and I suppose the real comedy is that this is all about my employ as a disgruntled pantomime at a major multinationals celebration of itself to be held shortly ]

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