Thursday, November 24, 2011

Genki Sudo, Clown, Mime, Fighter.

This is Genki Sudo, a Japanese performer, choreographer and director of a modern mime theatre.

I have a clown antenna. It delights me when it picks up a frequency.

There is a certain truth in comedy, it's unspoken and hard to put into words but with clown,  I just know it when I see it and it delights me.

There is a certain truth, a primitive profound energy to be found in martial rituals also. I was marinated in Rugby, growing up in NZ and there's a spirituality to be tapped deep in the clash that the game frames.

So to with men and women who fight. Contesting the moment for dominance is not everyones cup of tea but I'm drawn to it.

Genki Sudo was a fighter, he was exceptionally good,
 [21 pro fights on World stage, won 15, lost 4, drew 2]
 He was so proficient at fighting that he 'played' with it. My antenna hummed when I saw him fight. I was delighted. I thought gleefully to myself,
"This guys a Clown!"

He admitted that he had grown to a point where he saw a fight primarily as a means of self expression and had respect and gratitude towards his opponents for giving him the medium in which to work.

In the world of men who try to beat each other up for a living Genki Sudo was deep.

he wrote essays

The theory of Happiness

How to Marry The Woman living in the Valley of the Wind

God is The Tablecloth


Genki Sudo, The Bashar

Subconscious Always Talks to You

Catcher In The Octagon

Renaissance Of Love and Revolution

Let's Cat

He rarely lost.
Win or lose he would brandish a large flag representing all the nations of the united nations with the words "We are all one" on it.

Japanese Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] placed theatrical emphasis on fighters entrances to the ring. Genki Sudo, who held a degree in performing arts, constructed elaborate entrances with subtext and layers. He was the master of the theatrical entrance. He had his own theatre group [still does but he doesn't fight any more]

and his fighting? disciplined, unorthodox, playful, dominant.

He retired from hitting people expressively and now creates performance thus..

He's my favorite Buddhist.

A most interesting fellow.

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