Monday, November 14, 2011

My interview for the 'Busker Hall of Fame'

It's close to an hour which is a long time. Longer than I'd be prepared to listen if it wasn't me but that said I guess it's interesting. I'd suggest putting it on in the background rather than giving it your undivided attention. I'd rather you did that than not listen at all. Do what you like just don't email and tell me you didn't listen to it as that would hurt my feelings.

Notes: In this episode Robert interviews performer, author and clown philosopher, Martin Ewen and discusses a career from it’s beginnings as a Bank Robbing Clown to Stilt Dancing oddity in Tokyo to the discovery of of his Lurk persona in Paris and the realization that you don’t need to be nice to an audience to fascinate them. In the interview, Robert mentions Martin’s book Panto Damascus. For more information about this title, go to, or and order your own copy.

Here's the interview....

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