Monday, August 1, 2011

Death Becomes Us.

I was given $100 by a dead guy once. He didn't watch my show, he was dead. But he'd left a fund in his will to be shared among a small group of trusted friends for the sole purpose of being given to 'street performers of quality'. Flattering.

His two emissaries came up after my show and explained it to me before giving me the money.
Strange things happen when you let them.

Clowns deal with the living mostly. When Clowns die tragically people stop laughing. Personally I think that's a bit inefficient , a little wasteful.

I have a project that goes on and off the boil. An idea I had to try and solve this problem.

I have a great number of Clowns, [because it's one of my tribes and I'm a clowns clown] who are willing to participate in my post mortem project.

I'd like to bury a clown car and have the means to add a progressive amount of dead clowns into it.
Via a percentage of their ashes. Just 20% will do.
The list of clowns contained in the clowncar would become larger and funnier as time went on.

I don't think anyones come up with the idea of a Clown-Tomb before. I'm prepared to accept there may be good reason for this. Personally I think it's hilarious.

Potential for ceremonies where clowns gathered to add another occupant would be less than solemn affairs surely. I think Hawaii or NZ would be good resting places. The living tend to enjoy going there.

A clown tomb might contain, as well as the running joke aspect of the essential concept, provision for there to be comic material from the dead clowns available via wifi somehow.

Ideally adjacent would be somewhere clowns, once gathered, could try out new material.
See! the circle of life is funny!

How could this not be a tourist attraction? Even Clowns digging the initial hole is funny.

This week is 'International Clown Week' by Joint Congressional Resolution, approved October 8, 1970 and signed into law by President Richard Nixon on August 2, 1971.

Aug 1st--7th

Weird huh?

The executive director and the director of the international clown hall of fame looked at me funny when I suggested they donate 20% of their ashes to my project.

I suppose that's a start. I do really believe making some enduring joke about death is something we clowns are uniquely qualified to do. I just need cash and a shovel.


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