Friday, August 26, 2011

Vertical street theatre.

Around 12 years ago I performed for the opening of an eccentric bar in NZ called 'The Wunderbar'.
I spent a week gluing various lengths of cassette tape to a pair of overalls for my costume and had a friend who ran a hang-gliding business rig me in a harness and suspend me from the top of the building with all the safety requirements met. I spent the evening floating around , pushing off the building and workshopping the movement qualities of my situation.

Whenever I worked at the Edmonton festival in Canada, John Ullyatt would pick my brain for interesting things. He'd used one of my ideas before, 'Pedestrian cross theatre' which Rob Maclaren and I had started in NZ and when I told him about my suspension work he got excited. The next year he and his partner Annie Dugan spent part of the festival dressed as fashion critic bugs, hanging from a building with pen and paper and writing down compliments and fashion advice for specific passers by before scrunching the paper into balls and throwing it down to those concerned.


Chieti Buskers Festival 2011 - Eventi Verticali 16.08.11

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