Thursday, August 25, 2011

Existential Crisis of A Penguin.

Past life theory suddenly makes a lot of sense.

I can also save you time, is taken. A DC housewife mother of one blogs her pensive world via it.

If you combine those two elements you have a perfectly sound explanation.

Existential Penguins make seemingly unwise, unpenguiny, decisions but may well simply be enlightened and leave their collective huddled lives to waddle towards metaphoric goals, [like far away mountains] to die and be recast as  evolved yet vaguely unfulfilled DC housewifes.

How many of us I wonder used to be Penguins?

I find this video comic. The choral background, the clipped German [Werner Herzog] accent, the question posed "But why?"

I've watched it 4 times already, it keeps getting funnier. I don't want to overdo it, I'll probably only watch it once more today.

For those interested is still available.  

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