Friday, July 1, 2011

Clown car transfer...Robert Nelson passes the rusty torch.

The rust is invisible . The car looks wonderful and unique and cute and eccentric. The trip went very well and I had a infrared gizmo that you shoot at the engine to get the temp. It stayed stable throughout the 90 miles so the engine is perfect.

Robert worries that the floor will collapse while I'm driving. The floor is held together by paint and clown magic.

I've never relied on anything else.


Trog said...

Between this car and a road rashed dildo you have the world at your feet.

Trog said...
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Lynne said...

You look as giddy as a school boy with his first cherry bomb. Mazel tov!

Martin Ewen said...

I confess there was an element of unbridled glee. The fact that it was followed by 90 miles of uninterrupted, stable vehicular purring only added to it and now my problem is dealing with this risky new territory of happiness. excuse me, I have to go find a bunch of orphans to mow down.