Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feelgood Sunday; TISM

TISM [short for 'this is serious mum'] are a ribald conceptual unit out of Australia, they are theatrical, no-one see's their faces and they use elaborate costumes and their songs are deliberately anti-mainstream. Their first single was titled 'Defecate on my face', instantly banned and instantly sought after, their concerts are raucous affairs, their most popular album  'Machiavelli and the four seasons' they are over the top pretentious and subtextually mischievous.

They wrote a song called, "I'm on the drug that Killed River Phoenix" that was a sentimentally indifferent and catchy little pop song that earned them a certain indignant outrage from fans and friends of the late movie star.

Here's a rambling interview followed by that song and also a weird acoustic version.

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