Thursday, July 21, 2011

Transitioning from service to product. Book pimping.

So I put my book up on Lulu last night.

This would be it here...

It spent an eight month phase being edited. Then, after my further input in response to editing notes it was gone over again. A cover was designed and signed off on and then it was proofread and the editing notes checked once more.

It's just some stories. I tell stories because I've led a storied life.

It exists now, whatever theoretic potential I may have had as a writer has taken it's first actual step from the comfort of my internal padded room into a vast auditorium which I suspected is crammed with critical souped up equivalents of woodchippers, their gaping maws beckoning.

Lulu is like a test run. The mainstream is Amazon however to do that properly requires formatting for a variety of digital mediums. I will wait to see if Lulu sales can accomplish that being done professionally.

The interesting thing is that now I have something I can use to experiment further in my curious opinion of the internet being like the street and street theatre and I can start to try to build an audience.

My online audience up till now have been residual street performance brethren plus a small amount of folk who's relationship with me has sprung from my online community background over the last ten years.

I figure I will have to put effort into sustaining relationships. One aspect of street theatre and performance in general is a certain ambivalence towards your audience. Myself especially in that I'm disdainful of them as a central characteristic of my clown.  With street theatre it doesn't matter, you can always get another crowd. You only need the one in front of you, not crowds you've had before or those in the future.

I think this is a major difference, this past, present, future tense view of things because the internet is a perpetual present tense. Your 'presence' is a perpetual 'now'.  I need to remember that.

I can now continue with my online series of 'how to create an audience online' in non theoretical terms because I have something less than abstract to work with.


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