Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rob Torres

Another friend and Clown.

Rob Torres is/ was a Ringling trained clown. [I say is/was because Ringling circus is like a psychic tattoo to most trained there. It breeds a strange form of stockholm syndrome but Rob has seemed to have broken free]

He deconstructs time and reconstructs it with every gesture and breath to create his shows. He is a joy to watch and his opening piece with the box capturing the applause is gorgeous. Personally I very much want one of his boxes. I know what they represent and would never open it. I would just have it sitting somewhere prominent as a latent reminder of what we clowns value most.

Rob has also experimented with life, there was a time when his show fit into a very small suitcase and that plus a motorbike was all he owned. He works internationally and often.

 He's versatile, because what he does supersedes venue, the manifestation and projection of glee needs only the confidence of the clown to prevail and Rob is justifiably confident.

Here's examples of him in a formal circus environment and on the street.

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