Wednesday, June 22, 2011

China-Poodle-Morris Minor-Robert Nelson

I'm at Roberts, first time in seven months because of , well, my issues really.

Anyway, I'm being lent his clown car for a couple of months and we talked about putting a series of pieces up here about festivals and their administration.
Regretfully I catch the bus back at lunchtime and have to register the vehicle on my side of the island and fix some sort of temp gauge to the engine so that I don't turn it into molten sludge. Robert worries about these things, and then come back next week and pick it up. I'm officially the new owner but it's agreed I'm just lending it really.

The plates spell out TONKA so I now have the name I've been looking for for my tomato company and a vehicle to go with it that I can spend money on as a business expense, if I ever make any.

As always visiting Robert is tangential and I come away with lots of potential projects. I bought 'Omnifocus' , a organizational software program that, after years of experimentation, seems to be the best fit for the way my brain works. It's going well and I should be able to follow non linear stuff and have the  linear be taken care of in the background with it.

Speaking of not making much sense but being quite within my pattern of stuff that makes sense to me.

Here's my interaction with a Chinese poodle

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