Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Busy? Red Cursive or white?

So rather than a star as a design element I'm looking at this mask face.

also wondering whether one or three in a row across, I'm thinking just the one, I like the way it 'lurks' there
Also should the 'One Clowns Alphabet be in White or Red?

and any other input.


Lynne said...

I'm liking the linear element in black. Loving the clown bullet. I'd stick with one. Three would be too "seen, heard, spoke". Not loving still the font of the sub-head. It has no connectIon, graphical or otherwise, to the main. Reducing the space bwtn the two would reduce the orphaning of the sub.

Martin Ewen said...

Thanks Lynne, I'll pass that on. It isn't easy to read and that's it's point, to be read so I will shop round for another font for the sub.

should the sub stay white or be another color. because it was not immediately easy to read I did think if it were red it might be.
wishful thinking?

Ed said...

Widen the spacing on the sub and make it an underline for the title. Put the face betwixt the sub and your name. Use a red line. Never blue.Blue is the least attractive color for the eyes because eyes are least sensitive to blues. So there. Ed.

Ed said...

Also - While I'm at it. Move the title up a bit. It sits too heavy on the page. That'll give you more room for your name as well.

Martin Ewen said...

Ed, aren't you some advanced physics professor in your non harmonic glass vibration orchestra of one existence ?

That would explain your fixation with the spectrum. I take it the only reason we notice the sky is because there's so much of it? : )

The other suggestions re moving the sub under the title I've asked my beleaguered designer to mock up to take a squiz at.

So thanks and we'll see about that. Red is punchy, blue is more subliminally enticing and me.