Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flying out tonight.....

Working for Chrysler, [family day] at their headquarters in Detroit this weekend. Flying out tonight.
Got a 6 minute piece I'll do twice and some additional roving.
They have three full sized circus tents set up. Allison from Arial Angels is producing.

I'm going for a mood piece, a deviation from all the other 'punchy' content, enter kicking a can, don't notice the audience for the first minute.I'll do some tricks that are not tricks like the pen wobbling illusion and one ball juggling and the magic pentop then I'll do the chair drop [I sit on a normal chair from 11 feet] and then the chair remount. [I get back up]

And then I'll dance......

And then I'll slowly walk away and turn to wave just before exit.

as i say a mood piece and I'm looking forward to it.

Having a few decades under my belt I recognise my primary aim is not to impress an audience, or even make them laugh but to make them love me so they feel empowered by that capacity to love.

It's ambitious stuff but I'm made for this shit.

here's the music I'll be using... It will sound awesome on a huge PA inside a Circus tent.

I'll film from my stiltcam and see if I can get it filmed towards me as well.

I'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Good luck mate. Have fun.

Lynne said...

We will have passed close by. I'm in Columbus, OH working the weekend, passed thru Detroit a couple hours ago. Hope you are well-hosted.