Friday, June 3, 2011

Tampon Finger Puppets

This is an illustration of how my mind works.

I go to  from time to time and write stupid lists.... like

"Things You Never ask Your Milkman.

"Things Having My Head Chopped Off Taught Me."

"Objects Actions And Things That Inspire Confidence."

just to kinda meditate in the only way I know how, sort of free range surrealist peace of mind.

Tonight I made a list of "Words That Don't Go Together."

Number 7 was "Tampon Puppetry" [Between 'wishful cynicism' and 'celibate red-setter']

I was impressed by Tampon Puppetry, I thought it worth delving into further.
I pictured myself writing small scripts [1 min 44 secs seems to be the golden youtube grabpoint for surfers] and producing an ongoing runaway viral sensation that would solve all my problems and gain me the financial security that has alluded me up til this point.

Deep down I think the world should support me because of my insane optimism.
The fact that I've spent so much time depressed could well be simply a lack of patience on my part.

HOWEVER. I googled about and it really is not a new idea at all.
This person sells her Tampon finger puppets for $35 each

I have a few other projects on. I'm getting into writing childrens stories again. 

Cyril the fastidious Stoat

Stephany and her Epiphany’s  

Gibbit the party Porcupine

maybe I should stick with those, more than enough to be going on with.

I also saw some youtube tampon finger puppet performances but they were not of a quality I would subject my discerning audience [of 7] here with.

So like a great many of my ideas it appears Tampon Finger Puppets will not save me.

I might write a script anyway.
But I think I'll focus on 'Stephany and her Epiphany’s'
Thats my favorite so far, however I'm working on writing three at a time.
It helps my whimsy if I don't take any one story too seriously.

um...the end.

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yepyepnope said...

Love love love your Listgeeks lists. More, please.