Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bigtops over the weekend

I'm still on the learning curve re editing my stiltcam but should have some stuff together by the end of the week, escalator footage and big-top footage and backstage and other stuff edited down to a minute or so.

 Interestingly on the last leg of my journey I was sitting next to a young couple, the woman was remarking that she had to go to work soon after landing and actually was more interested in circus work than anything else. So I told her that was possible and that there was for example a school in San francisco among others.

I told her I had been in Michigan that weekend working with an outfit called Arial Angels. She looked at me and said. "That's weird, because my full name is Ariel Angel Fagan."

So I have an arrangement to teach her and her friend stilts and we'll see if after that she can go work with her namesake. Coincidence? I THINK SO!


Lynne said...

With a name like that and not born into a circus family, her parents ought to be drawn & quartered.

Martin Ewen said...

I suspect some mungbean influence. Still, it will all be worth it if she gains employ in her chosen field and sins of the parents notwithstanding....