Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Parents are hard-core yet demure.

So another couple of Earthquakes in Christchurch, my parents live on 'Clifton terrace' it's kinda on the side of a hill and the Cliff part is apt.

So a 5.8 and a 6.0 earthquake yesterday, so many buildings already weakened by successive very large earthquakes over the last six months that have killed I think nearly 200 people and my parents aren't moving. They just spend time in their basement with no power or water and shit in a bucket.

The demure part comes with them not sending a picture of their house but of their next door neighbors house, as if to say,
 "our place is damaged but we just want to show you how lucky we feel by giving you this pic of our neighbors place, look! you couldn't even live in the basement and shit in a bucket at our neighbors place!"

John and Laura, hardcore but demure.


A bad night here shocks every 5 - 10 minutes 3's and 4's, right through the night but no further damage to our house to speak of. Everything fallen and broken again. Plaster and dust everywhere.

Louisa's house which was going to be demolished in 48 hours 11 weeks ago, is taking matters into its own hands. The road is blocked by slips and deep cracks again. At least, we'unhurt, the house is still weathertight, and this time we have electricity, which is marvellous!

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