Friday, June 3, 2011

Clown Pro Makeup Tips.

I was in China last month and Jonathan Freddes 'Mitch' suggested I try his clown white.

He's an ex Ringling clown [they never stop being Ringling clowns, it's like a tattoo] who started in the 70's so he's been putting makeup on a long time.

I was initially a Leichner makeup fan. I used to buy my makeup from a shop just out of Covent garden
Charles Fox, nice shop, Website lacks 'Application'

One container of clown white was an easy years supply even working 6 days a week which was my general routine.

Leichner kept having manufacturing and distribution difficulties, I heard it kept changing hands and it was sometimes not available. It would go on  and appear thick and smooth but you didn't actually use much.

I experimented in thinner stuff, I bought really really expensive japanese bridal white for a while back when I was earning flatulent amounts of money. About the same period as the $500 sunglasses and $300 shirts, Japan late 80's early 90's and in my mid twenties living large.

That stuff went on like a porcelain sheen, but it came in tiny tubes and cost over $100.

I then bounced around makeupwise for another decade using whatever i could pick up, 'Graftobian' and 'Mehron' it was always too gludgy,  that may have been because of temperature and a lot of air travel but often but I got good at giving myself a smooth even coat by beating my face up with the pad. Whatever works.


Mitch said, "Try this stuff" and I did and I was amazed, it's smooth, it goes on more evenly than anything I've used before whether you use an applicator or your fingers. It doesn't streak, it looks and feels smooth and it washes off in soap and water very easily.

It's 'Jim Howle, Original recipe White', it has a vegetable oil base , it's wonderful and it's taken me 30 years to find something of this quality.  

The other trick Mitch gave me is as an alternative to expensive eyebrow pencils and eyeliner to simply go to Office depot or somewhere and get a pack of  12 black [or red, or white] wax pencils for just under $10  check it out.

The whiteface makeup costs just over $20

Mitch has also been writing down some of the old Ringling tales at a blog called

If you're interested.

and finally, I'm struck by this unknown clowns classy brazen confidence.

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