Sunday, June 5, 2011

fishing for epiphany's

So I'm writing a story called 'Stephany had epiphany's,'

I have some lined up, the realisation that angry people are scared is one.

But I wouldn't mind some input. The story could jumpstart some wisdom into kids who might otherwise not think about certain stuff. Be nice to just blend some interesting universal insights into a kids story without it being preachy.

I could use some examples as impetus to construct childish situations in which these things revealed themselves to Stephany.

Some of them are not cerebral but I cannot write the stuff I've seen into a kids book. I was with a mum and her 3 year old while the 3 year old was having a bath once and the little girl discovered her vagina in that she looked up in intense wonder with a hand between her legs and whispered breathlessly. "I have a hole!"

No Stephany is somewhere in the seven to ten range.

Suggestions please.....

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