Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Clown Stamps His oversized Foot Online...

This damn thread has been pinging my inbox incessantly this hour. What sophistric twaddle. It's banter devoid of actual curiousity. "you must be british" indeed. All I've learnt here is that clown contains  a bellcurve of ego and that masturbation tends to trump curiousity at one end.   It's devolved into banter at this point which is probably for the best. It's found it's comfort zone, it's natural level. Clown seems to be one of those rare professions where some believe simply by virtue of the noun itself alchemistic properties are bestowed allowing gibberish to be spun into gold. Quite the brittle little article of faith. A question is asked and answers given are treated like a couch being humped by an overexcited red setter. This isn't 'What qualities make a good clown?'this is “my sage plastic mind is shielded by words gleaned from British period dramas show." devoid of humor, devoid of humility and devoid of curiousity. Trite attention seeking bollocks, 'Life is a game' quick, lets engrave that in stone and build a clownthrone. I may not know what clown is but I know when I'm not entertained.

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