Saturday, March 31, 2018

My Bog Standard Epiphanies

The only thing that truly exists in life is this moment. If you stop looking at life as a timeline, and view it as an ever-changing moment, you free yourself to be exactly the way you want to be. The past and future can only affect this moment as much as you are willing to allow them. Learn to enjoy the present.
The universe exists as a moment, with an infinite number of different viewpoints. You have your own little window to watch the show from, but it's different from the experience of the person next to you.
  • Our view of the world is influenced by who we are.
  • Who we are is influenced by those around us.
What you do to others (even the smallest actions) will affect their experience in some way.
  • The smallest kindness can turn someones day around.
The only reason a person is mean to another is because of their own unresolved issues.
  • If you respond to anger with understanding and kindness (the opposite of the intended/expected response), the surprise alone is usually enough to cause the other party to question their intentions.
TL;DR: Be kind, and watch as the ripples spread.

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