Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dirty Fred

Dirty Fred is the most uniquely abusive, shocking, crass, bad tempered street act I have ever seen.

Dirty Fred has his own agenda and like all great performers or artists, he has the ability to bend the world to suit him and not the other way around.

He usually begins by abusing his audiences nationality, If he’s in Belgium for example he will comment on how great it is to be here in Holland, if there are any murmurs of dissent he will attack rather than defend and tell his audience that everyone knows that the Belgium language is just fucked up Dutch, then comment that Dutch is just fucked up German if you go back far enough. If anyone objects to his swearing he will sarcastically suggest they run off and get a policeman.

He talks abrasively and constantly, he pulls down part of his trousers revealing a buttock onto which he has a large fake boil that he squeezes the pus out of while explaining that he lives in a van and only showers once a month.

He is a very skillful juggler with a very fluid style and his juggling is the only thing that gives his show any familiar context whatsoever.
He asks for a child volunteer, but not just any volunteer, he needs a really ugly child and not just ugly, his volunteer must be really stupid as well, after explaining that what he is looking for is a spectacularily ugly, really subnormal child-- he immediately chooses a child from the audience and treats them abusively for the next 5 minutes.

He gets away with all this somehow based on his timing and his authority as a performer.
One of his last tricks is peeling and deep-throating a banana that much to his surprise ejaculates all over his face. To pull this one off in front of family audiences is the work of a master.

One I have not yet seen but heard about involves Fred also accidently burns his mouth during a fire swallowing piece and runs about in pain asking for water and when there is none, takes out a small penis that he spent a week making and bends double, appear to piss in his own mouth to alleviate his pain. This is about a third of the gross content. It's all seen to be believed social engineering at the highest tolerances.
Dirty Fred is one of a kind.

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