Saturday, March 31, 2018

ADD background internal banter curtain.

[not my writing]

You never realize how much you don't pay attention to or block out constantly. 
Take minute and just listen completely to the sounds around you. 
What does your mouth taste like right now? 
Do you notice your heart beating and your eyes blinking? 
Can you feel your skin between what you are sitting or laying on? 
Look around right now at your surroundings and try to notice details you've never seen. And have you ever really looked at someone else? 
Just really paid attention to their face while it is right in front of you? 
Can you feel the breath entering your mouth, going down your throat into your lungs, expanding them, and then going back out your throat, through your mouth, and back into the open? 
Have you noticed that you are just looking at words made of letters made of lines made up of dots, and that you understand them in a way that allows you to think the way that I think? 
Have you noticed that you are looking at just a bunch of pixels?
 Have you ever noticed that you're just a bunch of small cells? 
Have you ever noticed that everything else is just made up of small parts, fibers, atoms? 
Have you noticed that everything is touching something else? 
Everything is being acted upon. Everything is connected. 
Everything you're sensing, everything around you, it's all connected to a rapidly expanding universe. And for some reason everybody blocks all of it out. Instead, all of you were just paying attention to these sentences I wrote, until now.

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