Saturday, March 31, 2018


Without the penis there would have been little development past the spear. We would not have bows or crossbows, or Trebuchet or gun or tank or aircraft carrier.
The aspect of the penis wherein it penetrated something and thus increased our political responsibility was the thing. Our failing as a species really.

What it actually was and actually is on a far more regular basis is a means of distributing urine away from the body that expels it. How neat is that? With that sort of attitude we could all have free everything, power. food etc and be expelling our waste, nuclear perhaps, or just plastic bags and broken harpsichords out of our gravity well and into deep space in huge gushy streams. We simply missed our metaphoric opportunity and let the greeks define democracy, justice and the knob. Sadly they focused on burying theirs in boys which nowadays means East Timor and whoever major powers want to rape for shits and giggles and profit  and no-ones questioned it since ancient greek takes years to learn and academics tend to clot together on the sock of progress thrown under the bed of civilization or universities as they are known. 

our whole culture, through my life on this planet has simply been cock against cock. Part of me want’s to blame woman for being so spineless.

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