Saturday, March 10, 2018

Workshops available.

Performance Careers are like smelly multi-layered muttering old men who live under bridges.
Sometimes its best to ignore them.

I will be offering a 4 day workshop jan 21-24.
The maximum number of participants will be 6.
The cost will be $450 and accomidation and food will be offered.

It is suggested that participants bring more alcohol and drugs than they think they are capable of injesting over this period. Also ski equipment and clothing.

The workshops themselves will cover topics such as
Surviving brutal honesty-- Critiques with blunt objects.
Promo kits- how to improvise with forged childrens paintings.
Marketing your lifestyle disaster.
How to make creative redundancy work for YOU.
"I am an artist" hypnotism sessions

Why get up before lunchtime?

I will also be conducting intensive one on one sessions with participants where I just stare at them (or slightly above and behind them) for extended periods and make them feel uncomfortable.
Each evening will be spent with me going on and on and on about myself in an effort to induce people to drink more and take more drugs so as to discover themselves quicker.

This exclusive, intensive, revolutionary new introduction to my patented (and soon to be franchised) approach to accepting your limitless insecurity by actively trying to sabotage success while enjoying yourself and waiting for dumb luck or death, is available for a limited time only.
The first 3 confirmed participants will recieve a pair of boxer underpants with a nun printed on it.

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